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Developers can access current and past work on Eddie by accessing our CVS repository. This repository is made available via CVSup (http://www.polstra.com/projects/freeware/CVSup/).

The Eddieware CVSup servers are located at:

  • eddieware.eddieware.org

A sample cvsup file (http://www.eddieware.org/txt/cvs-supfile) is provided to assist in accessing the repository.

At present the following components and sub components are offered:

  • eddie-src: The complete source code of Eddie
    • servant-src: The source code of the servant module
    • master-src: The source code of the master module
    • load_info-src: The source code of the load information server
    • eddie_misc-src: Miscellaneous source code
    • sync_nodes-src: Source code to synchronise nodes
    • system-src: System build / installation code
    • dns_server-src: The source code the dns server
    • eddie_doc-src: Source for documentation
    • inet_server-src Source code for the inet server
    • logger-src: Source code for the logger