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Eddie is a high availability clustering tool. It is an open source, 100% software solution written primarily in the functional programming language Erlang (www.erlang.org) and is available for Solaris, Linux and *BSD.

Eddie provides advanced automatic traffic management and configuration of geographically distributed server sites, consisting of one or more Local Area Networks.


At each site, certain servers are designated as Front End Servers, (shown in blue). These servers are responsible for controlling and distributing incoming traffic across designated Back End Servers (shown in black), and tracking the availability of Back End Web Servers within the site. Back End Servers may support a range of Web servers, including Apache.

Currently, Eddie consists of two main software packages:

The Eddie white papers describe the need for products such as Eddie, and outlines the Eddie approach.

Read this in Serbo-Croatian, translated by Jovana Milutinovich from Webhostinggeeks.com.