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Core Team

Geoff Wong Geoff Wong
Experienced in the areas of Programming Languages and Software Engineering, Geoff Wong is a director of Zikzak Technologies . He previously worked for the Software Engineering Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia. He holds a Masters by research in Computer Science from Monash University. He has extensive experience in the area of Internet Technologies. Previous experience includes software development for looksmart.com.
Pekka Hedqvist Pekka Hedqvist
Experienced in the areas of Parallel and Robust Systems and Telecommunications Technologies, Pekka Hedqvist currently works for Alteon Europe, Stockholm, Sweden. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Uppsala University. He has extensive experience in the area of data telephony.
Mick Dwyer Mick Dwyer
Experienced in the areas of Testing Distributed Systems and System Programming, Mick Dwyer currently works for EMUlab at Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia. He holds an Honours degree in Computer Science from RMIT University. He has previously worked with a multimedia communications company and helped found a Community Internet Association.
Eric Yeo Eric Yeo
Experienced in the areas of Enterprise Computing and Telecommunications Technologies. He holds a Honours Degree in Computer Science from the University of Melbourne.


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